Automoti​ve Detailing Specialist

Maintenance Wash

Full Wheel Decontamination and Clean

High Pressure Rinse

Pre-Wash using 'Labocosmetica's 'Primus' and Dwell Time

High Pressure Rinse

Snow Foam using 'Labocosmetica's 'Purifica' and Dwell Time

Two Bucket Hand Wash using 'Labocosmetica's 'Semper' Shampoo with Luxury Microfiber Wash Mitt

High Pressure Rinse

Tar Decontamination Stage

Low Pressure Final Rinse with Filtered Water

Drying vehicle with a combination of both Super Soft Microfiber Drying Towels and a Touchless Warm Air Dryer.

Basic Interior Clean, Vacuum and Interior Glass Cleaned.

Exterior Glass Cleaned and Tyres Coated.

Vehicle will be required for approximately 2-3 hours.

Cost from: £90