Automoti​ve Detailing Specialist

Level 1 Detail with Ceramic Coating

Full Wheel Decontamination and Clean

High Pressure Rinse

Pre-Wash and Dwell Time

High Pressure Rinse

Snow Foam and Dwell Time

High Pressure Rinse

Decontamination Stage (If required)

High Pressure Rinse

Hand Wash with Luxury Microfiber Wash Mitts

High Pressure Rinse

Low Pressure Final Rinse with Filtered Water

Drying vehicle with a combination of both Super Soft Microfiber Drying Towels and a Touchless Warm Air Dryer.

Single Stage machine polish using Rupes DA Polishers and selected relevant Compound.

Full Vehicle Panel Wipe using 'Veritas' IPA Solution to prepare the surface for the Last Stage Protection.

LSP: Application of the 'SAM' Ceramic Coating from the prestigious 'Labocosmetica' range with a 2 year protection term.

Exterior Glass Cleaned and Tyres Coated.

The Vehicle will be required for approximately 2 days*.

Cost from: £490 

(Additional costs apply to larger vehicles)

* If the weather is inclement after the ceramic application it will stay undercover in our detailing facility overnight on the 2nd day to help with the curing process.